FIVE shirts for £85 - Unprecedented deal from TM Lewin

TM Lewin have been gradually squeezing their prices in the approach to Christmas, but have really thrown down the gauntlet with their current offer.

The TM Lewin website is currently trumpeting two impressive deals:
- Five shirts for £100
- Four luxury shirts for £99

We were initially a little cynical about this offer - surely this is just a way for TM Lewin to shift excess stock for a few lines of shirts? Not so - there are over 300 shirts falling in the 'Five shirts for £100' offer, and a further 150 in the luxury shirts offer.

Not only this, but the offer also encompasses free standard delivery within the UK, USA and Western Europe.

So where does the £85 in the headline come into it? Well here at ShirtDeals we've got our hands on a voucher code for 15% off at TM Lewin - INCLUDING these bulk buy offers. Simply click on the link below and then enter the code 'CHRISTMAS' at the checkout.

As always - you need to act fast. This offer expires on 3rd Dec, and we don't anticipate another coming along any time soon that looks this tempting...